When passing the threshold into Irini Gogua’s exhibition,
the viewers find themselves is in a fairytale-like, world
of colour. It is a very personal space, full of forms and
feelings, visions and narratives that crystallise not only
her spiritually charged psyche, but also a universally
symbolic reality at the same time. Gogua’s works are
not the products of the conventional development of
any artist, as they constitute the manifestation of an
internal need.

The artist moves between illuminated stained glass
works, made with enamel on Plexiglas, and large classic
oil paintings. She uses complex illustrations that shift
between landscapes, with metaphysical light and
shades and a multitude of symbolic elements, which
she composes, organises and processes up to the limits
of decorative abstract structures.

The human figure is often at the centre of her
compositions, transformed, outlandish, embryonic,
transparently charged with cosmic or erotic energy.
Symbolic shapes from the topology of the landscape
and from biology make up psychedelic emblems of
nostalgia for body and world unity.

The works of Irini Gogua narrate, like fairytale
exploratory journeys, the world of magical realism
through primitive symbols of past civilizations, or alien
forms created in a dreamlike reality.
Whatever one says about her painting, her research on
the meaning of life and the expression of her journey
through painting, her work itself is the public gift of the
power of her talent.

The ability of the image to “show” what cannot be said
in any other way, like any real creation, is the imprint
of a world consciousness!

Panagiotis Daniylopoulos